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Although my work appears abstract, I paint what I see. I Ching and the Book of Changes has been a starting point for me - the movement of light coming through dark, and dark through light which is especially apparent on the mono gallery and to a certain extent on the colour gallery pages shown on this website.

Furthermore, what also is of great interest to me is the balance and imbalance of these light patterns and different energies which change throughout the seasons, and how this affects colour - from the winter months when the light is at its lowest to mid summer when intensity reaches its peak.

Please take a browse through this site, where I hope to add more drawings and updates regarding planned and future exhibitions in and around the East Sussex area.

I am always interested in hearing from people and adding their comments and appraisals to my work.

My Curriculum Vitae:-

1993 - Worked in Sardinia and at home in East Sussex
1992 - Gave lecture at Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford University
1988 - Gave lecture at Leeds College of Art
1972-93 - Taught at Epsom College of Art
1972-74 - Taught at Hornsey College of Art
1966-71 - Taught at Kingston College of Art
1964-65 - Worked for Chicago University on Archaelogical Drawings of Ramases III Temple in Luxor
1961-64 - Studied painting at the Royal College of Art, London
1958-61 - Studied art at Kingston School of Art

Regards, John Hacker.